Together with Doykeit Meanjin and Loud Jew Collective, Tzedek Collective invites you to an online screening of Israelism on 17 March, 6pm AEDT. Israelism has been described as a “controversial new film on the relationship between Israel and Jewish identity, telling a story which we all need to hear”View the film trailer here and get your free tickets here.

Join us for the long anticipated screening of the film in Australia. If you reserve a ticket, we encourage you to host a screening party at home for your friends and family.

Following the film there will be a panel discussion where we’ll debrief the film and reflect on education in Jewish schools and youth movements in Australia. We will interrogate how this informs the Jewish community’s views on Israel and zionism.

Who is this event for?

This event is free and open to everyone, in particular Jews who may be questioning zionism or wanting to learn more about the situation in Israel.

This event is hosted by your local friendly anti-zionist Jewish collectives Doykeit MeanjinLoud Jew Collective and Tzedek Collective.

About the film

When two young American Jews raised to unconditionally love Israel witness the brutal way Israel treats Palestinians, their lives take sharp left turns. They join a movement of young American Jews battling the old guard to redefine Judaism’s relationship with Israel, revealing a deepening generational divide over modern Jewish identity.