The beloved Enmore Theatre in Sydney’s Inner West is platforming far-right, Zionist ideologue, Douglas Murray. Murray has been providing ideological fodder for Israel’s genocide in Gaza since October 7.

Murray, propagandist for genocide: “the civilised world should seek revenge… back Israel and back the destruction of Hamas.”

Murray and Holocaust denial: ““even if the Third Reich had ‘mucked up’ a bit, there was nothing inherently wrong with nationalism.”

Murray has been stopped before. In February, workers at the Apollo Theatre, London refused to work an IOF fundraiser where Murray was set to top the bill. If they can do it, so can we!

Sign the petition to call on the Enmore Theatre to refuse to collaborate with Zionist propagandist, racist, Islamophobe, Douglas Murray.

Contact the Enmore Theatre owners, Century Venues, on (02) 9519 9231 or via their contact page and ask them to drop Murray.