The past 8 months have seen a series of escalating horrors as Israel attacks Gaza in its blatant genocidal intentions to devastate Palestinian life and usurp land. Yet, the news coming out of Rafah overnight set a record in their cruelty and terror. Israel once again indiscriminately bombed a ‘safe zone’ in Rafah refugee camp, with an ever increasing number of casualties, including babies, children, women and men. Bodies have been found burnt alive in their tents and footage shows babies beheaded.

 Israel’s response to the news that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has applied for arrest warrants for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defence Yoav Gallant was to pummel Gaza. 

While Gaza was set ablaze by bombs, Israeli broadcasters and citizens were recorded celebrating the attack by linking it to the Jewish festival of Lag B’Omer during which bonfires are traditionally lit. Israel often upscales its violence towards Palestinians on Jewish holidays, promoting a sickening association between festivity and violence towards Palestinians. Tzedek Collective wholly condemns this weaponisation and bastardisation of our Jewish traditions. 

Tzedek Collective is disgusted and outraged by Israel’s continued Nakba in Gaza. We condemn the paucity of coverage of this assault on Rafah in mainstream Western media which once again reveals its ugly racist biases. We remember that this did not start on October 7th, and it will not end until Palestine is liberated and free from the murderous hands of the settler-colonial state that is committed  to quashing Palestinian life in order to secure and enlarge its colonial designs. 

Tzedek Collective stands with the Palestinian resistance movement on the ground and around the world. We recommit ourselves to dismantling genocidal Zionist violence. We join in the calls for sanctions to be placed on the genocidal state of Israel, going beyond symbolic recognition of  Palestine as a state. Only this pressure, from without and from within, will free us all from Zionism, and result in a liberated Palestine, from the river to the sea.